Dom3n Project started back in 2011 in Slovenia with a mission that Domen Bezjak will contribute to electronic music and culture. At first, he was producing various genres, from Ambient to House. In 2015, DJ’s and producers David Herrero, Andres Blows, Guille Placencia and George Privatti, amazed Domen with their Tech House music, so he started producing and DJ-ing Tech House. The first debut followed in April 2015 in the club KMKC Kompleks, where Dom3n together with local DJ’s spun through the night. In this year other local gigs have followed. At the beginning of 2016, he focused on music production.


Techno Saga

Then suddenly appeared his passion for Techno. The main „culprit“ for this was Ben Klock. His atmosphere, his DJ-ing, and his music have made a big impact on the Dom3n project.

Dom3n started discovering more and more Artists. Artists, he admires the most are Joseph Capriati, Keith Carnal, Sam Paganini, Charlotte de Witte, SNTS and Enrico Sangiuliano. He shifted his energy in Techno, which he has shown in August 2016 at the Flaming Frequency Festival with the group LEVEL UP. He became the resident of this festival. At this point, he started becoming recognizable. In October followed a gig for an organization Crazy For Life, that have created Electronic Therapy Vol.8. In 2017 Dom3n has had many gigs, under the cover of this organization and others. His Peak was at the party Electronic Therapy Vol.9, where he became a loyal member of Crazy For Life. In the last year he, won at the remix competition »Hijack« and »Breakdown«. Now he has 3 Records, many Podcasts, and Mixes all around the internet. He is the upcoming Techno artist in Slovenia.